Earl Atransé Gille

Former Earl of City of Valdrisse


Earl Atransé Gille

Race: Human
Age: 42
Weight: A lot
Died: Trianas 17, 364 3E
Relatives: None

A rather fat, greedy man. Cared little for the happiness of his people, sought only to increase his holdings and was not above squeezing money from the poor. The people despised him and he was oft known as ‘Earl Piggy’ for his voracious appetite and face akin to a burned pig.

In the summer of 364 3E, weeks before his demise, a large gathering of refugees had been camped outside the city gates and he imposed a tax on them and all trade to enter the city. Those who couldn’t pay would be left outside. Despite his plans, however, this only caused the merchants to sell their wares to the refugees while raising their prices dramatically.

Killed in his chambers from poison stuffed into a love letter. The nearby Lerena Family is suspected of the murder, the letter having come from her messenger and stamped with her seal.

Earl Atransé Gille

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