Divine Reawakening

First Log

A few months after their assassination plot succeeded, the members of The Bloodied Hammer bought a carriage and horses and headed east, towards the small town of Rilla. It was there that they had, a few months back, thwarted a small demon plot and prevented a dark ritual from taking place. The townspeople gave them all they could spare in payment of their service.

Upon arrival they headed towards the ruins the rituals had taken place in, intending to investigate a magical barrier that prevented them from entering a mysterious room. The townsfolk had a small group of construction workers rebuilding and restoring the old fortress. They allowed them inside and they set to work trying to break fown the surrounding walls.

To their dismay the barrier extended through the surrounding stonework. It was only due to a small coin they had recently picked up and pure luck that they managed to override the barrier with their blood.

Inside the room filled with dust and a musty odor. In the center of the room was what looked like a ritual circle, surrounded by cold-burning, green torches. Upon the far wall was a carving of the symbol upon their coin.

Within the circle was a skeleton in a gray and green robe. Around its neck, a small abalone amulet on a silver chain. Upon touching it, Kallista was overcome with visions of a vast city being reduced to rubble from something falling from the sky. Kalanashnurak Denaar removed the necklace from her grasp with a cloth and she returned to consciousness.

After several minutes of fiddling with the amulet and torches, the amulet exploded engulfing the room in green fire. A loud thrum sounded through the room as the barriers reactivated and they were overcome with darkness.

What seemed like hours later they awoke surrounded in robed figures dressed the same as the skeleton they had found. A loud chanting filled the room and the air around them grew heavy. All of their gear was missing and none of them could conjure any magic or exit, a familiar barrier had been erected around them. As the chanting increased in volume dark shapes began to swirl around them, cold filling the air around them.

Terrible screams echoed around them and after what seemed like hours, the darkness became light and fell away from them. The barrier that had been erected around them fell away and the figures retreated to the walls surrounding the chamber and a light fell upon a small raised dais. Upon the dais stood a familiar figure.

Tri’AtanarĂ©, aide to the late Earl, stood upon the platform and explained to them what they were doing there. They had arrived by way of a Zenith Gate, and a good thing too for he had a need for them. The Cult of Natrexs needed them to go far to the east and search for a long-lost abandoned temple to Natrexs. After a short discussion they agreed to help them and were allowed to leave.

They traveled through a small underground passage that led them into the cellar of a temple in Valdrisse. Thr Zenith Gate had transported them several days travel away, back to their home city. After planning and gathering some supplies they headed towards the gate, and the daunting journey ahead of them.

The Realm of Retar

Introduction to Retar

A realm inhabited mainly by humans, their cities vast and prosperous, but underneath something dark is waking. The Gods have been missing since the end of The First Era, they still grant their champions power, but prayers are unanswered and some have questioned as to whether they even still live.

The magical races are beginning to dwindle and some attribute it to the absence of the divine. Elves and Gnomes are losing power and their cities are shrinking. Less children are born and even fewer survive into adulthood. The Dragonborn clans are clashing and they have been banished from most of the human kingdoms. The world is in chaos, it seems only man can live without the gods. Even then, many fear it is inevitable that they too will disappear.

If the world is to return to its previous splendor, the gods must return.

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